Privacy Policy

The Boys and Girls Club of White County collects voluntarily-given personal data so as to better serve our members.

Data We Collect

The data is collected with users’ consent. Depending on what data is given by the user, it may include name, address, phone number, e-mail address, credit card information, family and income information, IP address, and access dates and times.

This data is required for those who submit online forms for various activities – registering members, signing members up for activities and clubs, making payments for membership or donations, or submitting contact requests.

Personal Data Privacy

We take your personal privacy, including the privacy of your personal data, seriously. The information we collect will only be used for the purposes stated; additionally, the data we store and retain is kept safely.

If you have submitted credit card information (account number, CVC code, and expiration date), this information is NOT stored on our website or directly to us in any way. This information is relayed directly to our payment processor, and we do not have access to this data.

All other data submitted may be stored for an indefinite amount of time on our website or on our staff computers.

Anonymous data is not associated with personal information on our web server; the only personal information we collect on this website is submitted voluntarily by the various forms on website.

No data is relayed to any party other than the Boys and Girls Club of White County and our web host.

Security Measures

We use a third party web host which takes your privacy seriously as well. There are technical security precautions in place, including (but not limited to) strict password requirements for administrators, server-side firewalls, frontend firewalls, 2-factor authentication for administrator login, use of secure and trusted VPS technology, and ongoing security monitoring.

All storage locations are protected by updated malware software and careful personal security practices.

While we make every effort to secure your data, users must also take precautions to protect their own data. Be sure any web page you submit personal data to is trusted, and is secured with HTTPS encryption. Never trust emails or phone calls you receive asking for personal information; if you think a request may be legitimate, be sure to initiate return contact with the company making the request by a known and trusted method.

Changes to Privacy Policy & Questions

This policy is effective as of January 10, 2022. Any updates to this privacy policy may be seen on this page. Concerns or questions may be directed to us at our contact page.